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Why Married Filing separately?

 Why Married Filing separately?

The main reason married filing separately is to separate their tax liability.

Filing separately mostly results in paying more tax and missing a numerous rebates.

In spite of filing together mostly results in low tax, many couples may find it beneficial

filing separately depending upon their tax situation.

Married filing separately who claims child 

Usually the parent who lives with the child for more than 6 months can claim the child as a dependent.

In case the couple is living together, the one with the higher income can claim the dependent.

Married filing separately head of household

In order to qualify as the Head of the Household, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You have to file your taxes separately from your spouse
  2. You have to pay for more than half of the household expenses.
  3. You have not lived with your spouse for at least half of the year.
  4. You have to provide a principle home for your dependent.
  5. You have to claim an exemption for your dependent.

Married filing separately child tax credit

For married filing separately, the child tax credit is reduced to half of the amount when filed jointly.

For claiming this partial credit the spouse should be living apart or should be legally separated.

Married filing jointly requirements

Below are the two requirements for married filing jointly:

  1. If you were married on the last day of tax year then you will be considered as married for whole year. If you were single, legally separated on last day of tax year i.e Dec 31st, then you will be considered as single for the year. Exception applies to this rule in case of death of a spouse.
  2. You and your spouse should both agree to file the tax returns jointly

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